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Bucket Trucks

Great, really awesome.


I want my phone service back! I miss viewing your posts at my own leisure. I was just told by the Internet shop attendant that my time will soon be over. Aaaargh!

As always ... wonderful pictorial coverage, Sidney!


I like how the President's billboards are exempt. That would happen here in my country too!

Great shots, I'm sorry for all the destruction, but thank you for documenting this.


I really admire you for all the photos you've been posting here.

And you've got timing ha. The case in point: Billbboards at EDSA. Before Milenyo, you had them in their majestic pride (whatever term you may call it) and now, their humbling defeat and death (if that will be the case for all of them.

Saludo talaga ako sa yo.


that is too much to bear....I hope things are all set and clean...thanks againd Sidney for a wonderful job you've done.


heart goes out to all those hurt by these tools of advertisement....
it's amazing to see the way these man made strustures are just ripped apart by the forces of nature...

19 Seconds Of Spring

Great work once again Sidney... Such a disaster!


Bonjour (french)
Thanks for coming on my blog..Terrific pictures...I will learn many things here...( sorry for bad english!)

Stardog Champion

This looks like such a frightening aftermath. I can't even begin to imagine what it was like to be caught in the typhoon itself. We get a few here, but they never do much damage.


how the mighty, but in essence weak, fall


great shots but i feel sorry for those people who were affected by the typhoon milenyo.


well, when you first posted them you said how dodgy they seemed, and here's the proof. another fine series.


It's as if nature had a say in this...


Hi Sidney,
Terrific pictures!!! pls get in touch with me ([email protected]).
allbest, brommel


OMG! OMG! OMG! And I thought that people were OA about the billboards. I didn't realize that the destruction was so bad.


quite a collection! hanep!

Gérard Méry

La nature arrive à façonner une forme d'art dans sa folie.


silly as it may seem, here's what i have to say: nice pics of the fallen debris of those billboards! :)

since there were some photos of billboards from SLEX, you should've taken pics of the billboards that fell down near the Magallanes interchange going to Edsa. :) ... or have you? lolz ;)


Unbelievable carnage. Although the owners may have tried to remove the ads in order to stabliize the structures or make them less likely to be damaged by the wind, it almost seems as if they were more concerned with their expensive artwork. Before I read your wonderful series I thought that these were all pictures of the same billboard from different angles! I am appalled at this. Thank you again for sharing. It frightens me but I don't think that it is that unimaginable to see the same structures here in the US in the near future...


As always the reading was profound. It reminds me of our Katrina...Very real and sad in a lot of ways ..They bot have effected so many peoples lives. These shots really show the reality of it all.


few weeks ago you had showed us the might billbord towers, now they bowed down. milenyo is really tough!




i've seen them myself and looking at them again in these images gives me the creep. how could they?


Great pictures to illustrate some of the damage. It appears a number of unlicensed billboard owners are in lots of trouble. Fascinating series again.

Dave Mac

Amazing shots of the destruction. The clean up effort must be massive!

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